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Welcome to Eastsurf Online Surf Magazine
We have been at the forefront of surf reporting on the Internet
since 1998 in the early days of online surf reporting. Enjoy the website.

Rivermouth on a good day

We also report for Swellnet on a daily basis but from this site we report with video and a
other coverage of the surf action on the East Coast of Tasmania.
Some of the material is of historical value so you can look back at some of the classic surf that has
hit the coast over the years but some reporting gives more detail than we can report on Swellnet.

Redbill summer

Personally I began surfing at Redbill Beach on a foam board back in 1957. One of my early surf mates father made us a plywood board that we used to ride tandem in about 1959 in between setting crayfish pots and nets from it and catching eels in the eel pond at Redill. I brought a malibu around 1963. They were great years, Redbill Beach at Bicheno seemed to break more like a small sandy point back then. We still had the big close out days to separate the men from the boys.
Surfing has taken me all over the world since then surfing so many exotic locations. Travelling around Australia in a Kombi with a few mates back in the 1970's we discovered all the fantastic surf around our continent. Travelling across the top of Australia on my first lap and rolling into Agnes Waters then down to the small village of Noosa and into the then quiet little town of Byron Bay then all the way down the coast being shown every conceivable break by Bob, our friend, who eminated from the Sydney surf scene of the 1950's.

Burleigh Heads Queensland in the winter

I guess the reason that I started reporting the surf via the Internet back in the 90's was that I was landlocked in Launceston for about 8 years in the 80's. I have been living on the East Coast for the last 25 years now and know that if I were landlocked it would be good just to keep an eye on the surf to see what was happening. In case I need to do a surf escape to the east coast on a pristine, offshore day at the rivermouth or just to catch an afternoon tube at north shelly, during daylight saving. I remember driving to the east coast and finding it flat and having to travel hundreds of miles to another coast to catch the swell. Now with petrol prices being what they are, it is a must to see whats happening on the eastscoast.
May you find peace with God and the true reason why we exist on the planet Earth.



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