Easter Surf 2003

I could see by the weather and swell charts that we were in for some swell over the Easter weekend and I gave notice to many e-mailers that we could see some good surf action. I didn't fully pick it though, to me the swell seemed like it would be coming fully out of the south instead of the east. There had been a threatening swell moving across the southern ocean and increasing in strength as it approached Tasmania.

On Wednesday prior to Easter I received an e-mail from Tank out of Granville and the seas were "cordoroy to the horizon". He was trying to get some abalone but decided to go for a surf. I told him what was coming and told him to "get outa there" !

It looked like the Hobart points were going to crank by Thursday and then the swell would move up into the Swansea points and then to Scamander would start by Friday.

Even though we had some surf around the east for a month previous to this, coming and going in spazms we had not seen a really great surf for a few months since November the 13th 2002 in fact when North Shelley and South Shelley were both going off at once with all glass.

On Friday I did the Easter think - cooked fish for the family and thought of Jesus the radical fisherman then went down and visited my folks at Bicheno. We had already started to see the swell rising at Scamander but it was messy and not really doing much.

I was shocked on my arrival at Bicheno to see waves coming into Redbill and the Golf Course going off (as usual ) with no - one out. There were a stack of boogie groms riding the reef along from redbill on the rocks. Just little sucky waves, a tuck in and finish. The swell was not south, it had started to swing already into the East.

When I awoke next morning ( Saturday) to some roaring sound coming into the bedroom the whole coast had changed - it looked like somewhere else - some classic surf destination. The surf was going off. Excellent conditions with East Swell nice solid 6ft with slight offshore winds and clean faces. The spray was coming off the back of the waves.

We had recently had some rain and the rivermouth had washed a great bank out in front of the breakwater, I looked but it was far to big to hold it or for anyone to paddle out. It must be shelley.

I must admit by the time I had put the surf report up and drove up to shelley with video and still cameras ready it was about 8.30am. It looked unreal. Outside - outside shelley was going off as well - no - one riding it off course. The waves on the point and halfway down the beach were fully standing and tubing. It was a great sight.

Why was I not surfing - I has a massive absess on my tooth for the entire time of the surf and missed the whole weekend ! or maybe I didn't because the photos and footage that I have is great and I certainly wouldn't have it if I had surfed. I was in pain - severe pain. But I photographed anyway.

I will let the video do the talking from here on in. Check out some of the ends of the tubes at the rivermouth - there are surfboards just protruding out of the tube.


Video - Over the Easter Weekend the East Coast was up and barking with some of the best waves hitting perfect banks. It was a memorable one. This is a best cut from over the weekend. The video is 7.25mb and will take some time to download. You will need a video player http://home.real.com or microsoft medea player

It was definitely an Easter to remember, I hope you enjoy the photos and the video footage.