Surf Movies on Eastsurf Channel

A secluded right hand point break, it doesn't break all that much but such a beautiful place. Point Break
Kularoo is a popular right hand point break in the swansea area, check out the footage taken in April 2006 (you might need quicktime to play this one) Kularoo Movie

The story and video of Easter 2003 one of those classic surf events. Easter 2003

Here is an old classic surf story & movie to play while doing your work and dreaming of large waves.
The Outside Fourmile Story.

The Grid is a left hand point break near Fourmile on the link road to Bicheno. It holds quite a large swell and is fairly consistant. Its at the point where the road is closest to the sea. The Grid movie.

Ringrock movie, only a shade of its former glory in the 70's but still occasionally gets a clean section or two. Ringrock 26th October 2001

One of my favourite little right hand point breaks, one of the few places on the eastcoast where you can take off and ride the wave to the beach and walk back out the point again. Rubbish Tip Swansea

Scamander Rivermouth on its day is as good as anywhere on the eastcoast and often aspires to become a world class wave but just as the crowds form the swell washes it away again.