Monday March 5- 2012

East Coast Lights up again after a week long spell of flat water.

It seems the summer has been so hit and miss this year but yesterday saw a pumping northeast groundswell hit the coast with a classic offshore wind swing and the sun came out. It was up and barking !

The waves initially were confined to the back beach corners at flobs and peron.
but later the wind came around even more and the grid started pumping. I dare say there were a few other spots along the coast doing it as well.

The swell has droped down a bit today into the 2-3ft range but lloks good for some waves in the north exposed beaches.

Sunday - February 12th 2012

The camera is down at the moment, I will get some photos and a report up later but the surf is crap onshore at the moment.

Report - January 4th 2012
The year has started well with some nice northeast swell action with a number of places really going on the boil including the rivermouth as well as some nice banks up north and down south of scamander. We seem to be picking up quite a deal of swell when a lot of places along the east coast of Australia are quite flat. Here is a little wave action from yesterday afternoon.
Keep an eye out for northeast windy days and some nice offshore evenings as the temperature heats up all day.

Saturday 29th October 2011
We are into a quiet time in the way of surf, there has been a bit of action this month with a bit of south swell movement. Rivermouth had a few waves and the odd day at rebill recently when we had a kick in the northeast swell. In the beginning of october we saw the swansea points do it for a day. I think it caught most by surprise but it was happening. It was not all that large around scamander so most thought the points would be too small. Here is a shot of
saltworks on the 3rd Oct. There were a few that sussed it out but when I drove past one point early there was no one out.



I had a bit of time that day and drove off the track into another less known break to see this appear before me with not a sole on the beach.
Just goes to show there are still plenty of waves going unridden on any given day in tassy.

Its a bit sloppy today here at scamander with a southeaster blowing, overcast and wintery but it looks like the south swell is starting to build again. It usually is not a good time around november with the westerlies starting to blow and lack of swells on the east coast but you never know we may get something happening during the month. The salmon have been biting down at the rivermouth so it is an idea to pack the rod in case its flat.

Tuesday 20th September 2011
I have been a bit slack lately doing any updates, mainly due to the fact it has been winter and there has not been a great deal of interest in the surf because of the low water temp. We have had some really good swells through the winter this year with places like Ordford rivermouth, Swansea points back in June. We had a nice clean groundswell today rolled in out of the blue and looked like a grid operation. I saw some locals returning from down south around lunch time so I dare say it was the grid. There was plenty of grunt in the swell and places like Redbill with the glassy conditions would have been the go. The banks have been setup for the rivermouth on the south swell but the northeast swell is hitting it all wrong. There have been a few regulars surfing the rivermouth during the school holidays and just before that we had a good stint at north shelly. The banks were excellent but not sure how they are now after this northeast swell. I will attempt to keep some kind of reporting up as we approach summer and hopefully some photos of the surf breaks to give you an idea of where the banks are forming. If anyone has a photo of Orford River working during the winter send it through to and I will put it on the site. Unfortunately when it was working the roads were cut off from Scamander.

Friday March 11th 2011
Not a lot to report, the surf has been pretty pathetic really so no good photos and swells have been few and far between, not a good summer all round really, lets hope it improves in the autumn.

Surf Report Feb 20th 2011
Good swell today after a messy onshore but generally only about 1 surf per week. It hasn't been a great summer of surf. The banks have been great with waves everywhere when it happens.
Nice clean day at Shelly Point. Only a few days this summer but great when it happens.
Peaky and punchy little peaks at Redbill during the last month. Nice bank on the right tide.
Grid doing its stuff. Not enough of it though. There was a nice right just down the beach that had some moments.


Friday 7th Jan 2011
Well we are into the new year now and the swell has been kicking since the new year began. We have mainly northeast swell, nothing large but quite a bit of surf. The main banks are at the rivermouth more on the east swell but the grid has been doing it as well as redbill. There seems to be banks all over the place after quite a long period of no surf.

Redbill after the onshore came in, it still had a few sections later in the day.

There have been a lot of wave hungry surfers after the long time without waves on the east coast but now with many options the crowds are spreading out a bit. This week has seen good waves in the 3ft range and more into the weekend with a wind swing into a northeast swell, it should make it interesting.

Surf Report 1st Nov 2010
A wild weekend this weekend with a foggy day Saturday, and rain on Sunday with anm increasing but messy onshore wind with the front coming thru in the afternoon smack into a solid swell.

The wind was a bit wild but on Monday it all settled down and straightened out.

The focus was mainly on the grid with a beautiful right hand bank in the about 80 metres down the beach.
The odd one was rolling off the point with some of the locals sitting in wait.
The rivermouth also straightened out on Sunday with some nice clean waves there as well. A few guys out at redbill but the wind was into it down there so it was a bit messy. All in all a good finish to a rather out of control start to the long weekend.

Surf Update October 21st 2010
We are coming into summer now with warmer conditions on the east coast. We were sort of looking at a flat couple of months before the summer surf season started but surprise, surprise we have had a few swells in what is usually a flt time. Last weekend for instance caught everyone by surprise opening with a small 2ft northeast swell in the morning and then it just kept kicking to 4-5ft by the afternoon. The grid became the focus spot but other places had waves. Wake up Sunday morning to no northeast swell but a 1-2ft southerly swell and clean offshore conditions. By mid morning the swell had kicked again to 3ft and some 4fters. Waves at the rivermouth and the hollow. Lets hope that this is a sign of the summer season, if it is we are in for some fun. Check the new camera of the rivermouth on the front page. I will try to keep it open as much as possible during the summer months.

Update - Friday August 27th 2010
The surf has been fading a bit lately ready for the spring break, it happens every year when the westerlies start up, its offshore here and usually flat right up till Christmas time. We have a few windows of surf and this weekend should see a south swell running the scamander bank. Its all setup at the moment for the south swell after the flood a week or so ago. Anyway here is a video of some surf during August down at the rivermouth.

July 18th 2010
The water is cold now, there is still some surf around with great banks at the rivermouth over the last month with many good days. I watched some tow ins at Governors Island at Bicheno on Thursday afternoon. Even though the swell was quite large - say around 6 -8ft at redbill I saw some waves break on the reef double overhead as it leapt over the reef. North Shelly banks seems to have gone but still a few banks at dark hollow. Sorry about the lack of reports but winter is almost hibernation time. The number of surfers has fallen off considerably now as winter increases its grip.
Above the Grid at fourmile has only had a few good days.
Thge days have been sunny but the water temp is around 12 degrees now and core temp drops rapidly. Some locals have gone to the tropics now for the winter. I think I am stuck here this winter.

Surf Report April 21st 2010
Well we have had such a turn around in the surf over the last few weeks, to say the least its been pumping in a number of spots along the coast. The banks are setup for what has been mostly a southerly swell flow over the last week.

North Shelly at the weekend.
The good thing about this time of the year is the clean offshore conditions that sometimes last all day because the summer sea breezes don't come in. South shelly has shown signs of working a few times on the south swell.

South Shelly a few days ago.
The surf has been consisitant all along the coast and many surf locations a bit off the beaten track have had excellent waves over the last month so its worth having a drive to check out these surf locations as well.

Report February 9th 2010
I know I have been slack but the surf has been so bad over the last 3 months there was nothing of any consequence to write about the surf on the east coast of tasmania. Just lately though it has started to go off again and haven't the boys been into it. The crowds were pretty intense last weekend because of the long weekend in the south of the state. Basically there has been 1 wind swell with one day wonders from the notheast swells with offshore wind swings. Focus has been on fourmile and redbill with good banks in both spots. There has been the odd day at dark hollow and north shelly really cooked for a day in a south swell. The east swell that we are currently having has been here since thursday with waves most days after that. Its great to see the coast really having a go again.

Peaky conditions as the swell subsided, still a lot of fun.

Paddle Boarder rides one from the outside, further out than even the mals can takeoff.

Report October 27th
We are not having a good time of the surf on the east coast of tassie for the month of October and generally it is the same in november with maybe a couple of days exception. It should all start in December if past years repeat the cycle. I make no excuses for putting up a few waves from Beng Bengs just down the track from Ebay in the Mentawai islands. Probably sick of it but there is no surf to video here so check this little reef break.

Surf Report Oct 2 09 - Mentawai Islands

Sorry I have been a bit slack on the report lately but I got a bit caught up on a little surf trip to the Mentawai Islands. Very interesting to visit the Wave Nation. There are just that many surf spots all over the place. Here is a couple of shots but I will get a small video up soon. On the local front I will try to catch up with whats going on as far as surf banks etc. soon.

Beng - Beng was a left hand reef about 20 minute walk from the house. Nice little reef left reminded me a bit of Cactus setup but warmer water.

EBay - Left reef, don't be deceived by this photo, Ebay can be a real mauler. It reminded me of early Kirra the way it broke but around the other way and tubing on sharp coral reef. Not for the light hearted thats for sure. This was the view from out front door looking toward Ebay point.

Monday 6th July 2009
The surf just keeps pumping, it won't stop, even though the cold is setting in the waves just keep getting better. Its been a great winter so far with surf going off the show in a series of locations along the east coast. His is some footage of a couple of breaks south of swansea on Saturday.

Friday 19th June 2009
Surf has been excellent lately, pity its winter but the waves have been off the show. I don't apologise for the size of the rivermouth because when it was larger I wasn't filming but you will get the idea of what it has been like when you add a coupla ft to the wave face. This was a smaller day but still shows the shape.

Thursday 11th June 2009 - Peron
Things have really hotted up here on the east coast over the last few weeks. Even though the weather is getting cold the surf has been excellent with waves in a number of spots along the coast being very consistant. Peron was pumping off the point last Sunday. Here is some footage:

Just after the Peron event it rained hard and the scamander rivermouth busted out and left this big sandbar. The swell just hit it on the right angle for 2 days on Monday and Tuesday. It was great to see, some beautiful peeling waves, hollow and some were flawless. Depending on the swell direction(there was an east and southeast swell together) the waves were breaking left or the right had 2 peaks, a middle peak and an outside peak. Plenty of waves to go around.

Saturday 23rd May 2009
The surf has been non existant for a week now but we seems to have an increasing northeast groundswell today with the possibility of some waves over the next few days. The water is still warm enough and temperatures not all that bad so far for winter. The banks are not great but still some are holding surf if the swell.

Early Morning Surf Report 7.30Saturday May 9th 2009
(see outside fourmile video below)

Outside Fourmile & Rubbish Tip Video 2009
Shot is late april at outside fourmile on a large northeast swell and at swansea in early may on a south swell.

Surf Report April 25th 2009
Well we are well thru April now and heading into winter again. I thought initially that April didn't have much going for it, there seemed to be long intervals of no surf but when I looked thru the photos it didn't turn out real bad after all. I was capped off today by a large east/ northeast groundswell that got a few spots up and grunting that have laid dorment for some time.
Outside Fourmile - The sleeping giant awakes

Another one rolls thru at Outside Fourmile

Earlier on in the month we had a few sessions at the Grid, one session ended in some surfers getting chased out of the water by a white pointer who was feeding in a school of salmon.
The Grid

Another clean day at the grid in april.

Most swells during the month were coming from the northeast and redbill was picking them up clean as a whistle.
Some nice banks with lefts and rights at different times during the day.

A few left handers the other day at peron when everything else was blown out in the northeast wind.

 Surf Report - Wednesday 1st April 2009
At last a bit of swell. It looks a bit messy but we should get a wave today, it has been hopeless this year so a bit of a splash would be excellent. Anyway here is a small video I took this morning of shelly, probably the most likely spot for a surf today.




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